19 May 2009 @ 21:24Sherlock Holmes – trailer

Here is the trailer for Guy Ritchie‘s Sherlock Holmes.

Detective Sherlock Holmes (Downey Jr.) and his stalwart partner Watson (Law) engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England.

Director: Guy Ritchie
Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams, Jude Law, Mark Strong, Kelly Reilly, Eddie Marsan
Release date: December 25, 2009

The song in the trailer is “Unstoppable” by E.S. Posthumus:
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Click here to watch the trailer

Sherlock Holmes

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Twitter chatter:

  1. jpadamson (Jessica Adamson) | 1 min ago
    My laptop Sherlock Holmes and my phone is John Watson.
  2. GrayMutlu (güray ) | 1 min ago
    Sherlock holmes gelse çözemez bu durumu :)))
  3. osnapitzari_uk (Janoskians Girl.) | 1 min ago
    RT @Tw3et_WhOrExo: The Sherlock holmes films are just amazing <3
  4. DaBigTuna65 (Web) | 1 min ago
    @danielmarsh7 I have been known as the Sherlock Holmes of my time #SherlockBers haha
  5. alldayallnightW (WTF!?) | 1 min ago
    RT @buluruz: Sherlock Holmes evlenme teklif etse kabul ederim. Belki iletişimde biraz sıkıntı yaşarız ama kafa kafaya verirsek bulamayac ...
  6. budoorsalman (Budoor Salman) | 1 min ago
    Movie night ** Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows
  7. simplecoffee (Cain) | 1 min ago
    Why are there so many spinoffs of Sherlock Holmes, but almost none of Hercule Poirot / Miss Marple / Tommy and Tuppence?
  8. Oni_Loki (Loki) | 1 min ago
    Ouais 'fin c'est un Sherlock Holmes japonais quoi, je trouve pas ça ULTRA MATURE non plus
  9. thatsherlock (Sherlock Holmes) | 2 mins ago
    @MollyHoooper *nods and clears his throat* Oh hello Doctor Lakeman. I'm Sherlock Holmes. I want to get an appointment.
  10. itsascreambaby (Hans Landa) | 2 mins ago
    RT @MissMercury_: When you walk with Sherlock Holmes, you see the battlefield.


  1. jeremy | 20 May 2009 @ 13:52 #

    wow, I didn’t realize Jude Law is Watson… I will probably check this out. Also, I like the title design.

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