26 May 2009 @ 8:55Stormtrooper mug shot – shirt

Is it a real Stormtrooper, or just a hardcore Star Wars fan in costume? Regardless, the Stormtrooper mug shot makes this shirt simply awesome!


Storm Trooper mug shot - shirt

Storm Trooper mug shot - shirt

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Twitter chatter:

  1. Coponfilms (Coponfilms) | 1 min ago
    RT @Lewtoons: New Stormtrooper toon got daily 3rd on NG & Front page before clearing judgement! So stoked people are enjoying it! ht ...
  2. Smoshfor3v3r (Kiara Hedilla) | 1 min ago
    RT @Thevalleypod: Storm trooper logic http://t.co/cKouxZdf
  3. Pledgendary (Ian Pledger) | 2 mins ago
    RT @RickWallop: Our Black & white @StageWorksGear Rimma Is now known as The Stormtrooper.Who wants one? #drumstickholder #therimma h ...
  4. RickWallop (Rick Chambers) | 2 mins ago
    Our Black & white @StageWorksGear Rimma Is now known as The Stormtrooper.Who wants one? #drumstickholder #therimma http://t.co/R1qwweV9
  5. Thevalleypod (The Valley Podcast) | 3 mins ago
    Storm trooper logic http://t.co/cKouxZdf
  6. smw_int (Sash Vahterrrinkkkk) | 3 mins ago
    Lol RT @Junetheevil: WTF? RT @iLikeGirlsDaily: Stormtrooper http://t.co/UsXBJoF7
  7. orolucas (oro) | 5 mins ago
    @agathaouitshh faz sentido. Eu andaria com um capacete de Stormtrooper na frente dos espelhos da casa
  8. Ea_Diablo (RoiDeMoiā™ˇ) | 5 mins ago
    RT @HallowChris: #emojistheyshouldmake Storm Trooper :)
  9. kimposssible (kp) | 7 mins ago
    My mom just tried playing like she didn't know I had a storm trooper tattoo on my foot, I lowkey forgot about it too. **
  10. BaronVonHector (BaronVonHector) | 7 mins ago
    @lyndsjediknight I have seen a burlesque Stormtrooper before but never so many performers in so many outfits in one place!


  1. Iveta | 28 May 2009 @ 9:34 #


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