27 May 2009 @ 12:44Manoi Humanoid Dancing Robot

Wow. This robot can really dance, and its moves are amazingly fluid. The MANOI PF01, which stands 40-inches tall and can be purchased for $1500.

Click here to watch the video

Manoi Humanoid Dancing Robot

Manoi Humanoid Dancing Robot

Manoi Humanoid Dancing Robot

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Twitter chatter:

  1. sard (Scott Ard) | 5 mins ago
    @JoannaStern No comparison to Bieber last year. Where is that dancing robot, anyway?
  2. 10MOHD_HAFIZ (I'M JERK!!) | 7 mins ago
    Macam manoi nak off WhatsApp ni.
  3. izzatiarshad (Thanks sayang ☺) | 10 mins ago
    @joekeey @farrafawwa manoi manoi.. Diam pula dye -____-
  4. AufaAzad (Faa) | 27 mins ago
    @arm_merol manoi? broadband ada kat kau kan?
  5. hazrulllll (Hazrul) | 33 mins ago
    Mana ? Manoi ? ....
  6. Lecia_Manoi (MenaceOnTheTrack) | 36 mins ago
    Listen! Need instrumentals ? visit http://t.co/LOnCiPzM ! discounts available !
  7. amarriduann (FCUK) | 46 mins ago
    @Amirferiztan manoi?
  8. lipsylove2love (lipsy love) | 54 mins ago
    @alisonyoungqvc elemis for Christmas. Would manoi oil be any good?
  9. Lecia_Manoi (MenaceOnTheTrack) | 1 hour ago
    Noble deeds that are concealed are most esteemed.
  10. AmieIrwan (AI-) | 1 hour ago
    @hasiffJR nak pi manoi? kau kat mana?

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