3 June 2009 @ 10:43Expialidocious – music video

Mary Poppins is not the usual subject matter here at Geek stuff, but I just couldn’t pass up this video. The music is just awesome.

From user Fagottron:

Video for my track ‘Expialidocious’. The track is composed of a sine wave bass, custom drum sequences, and sounds recorded from the Disney film ‘Mary Poppins’.

Fagottron is sharing the MP3 via RapidShare, but for convenience, here’s a direct download: Expialidocious

Click here to watch the video


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Twitter chatter:

  1. jerem65380 (Jérémie) | 1 min ago
    MARY POPPINS IS ON TV TONIGHT!!! #supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  2. AdamBronkhorst (Adam Bronkhorst) | 1 min ago
    Mary Poppins inspired shoot for one of my off-camera flash workshops http://t.co/XQQzaCe7
  3. jocuerbo (Joup) | 1 min ago
    hay mejor pelicula de Disney que Mary Poppins? no no creo...
  4. TiffanyBnb (Bouclette ∞ ) | 2 mins ago
    Ce soir Mary Poppins a la télé! Retour en arrière, il date trop ce film, je le regardais trop souvent en cassette ! #W9
  5. EmmaGail1971 (Emma Freeman) | 2 mins ago
    @ian3146 mary poppins has!
  6. samuel_g_taylor (Sam Taylor ☮) | 2 mins ago
    Currently singing Mary Poppins and i couldnt give a flying fuck about the outside world
  7. Naimaa_S (Naïma ❤) | 2 mins ago
    MARY POPPINS ce soir sur W9 Alleluyaaaaah **❤❤❤
  8. RuzannaLisa (ルザナ リサ) | 3 mins ago
    I wanna be Mary Poppins. ;~;
  9. RemiCarlD (Rémi DUBOIS) | 5 mins ago
    @BilaZere tout ça ce soir? Ça va être Mary poppins ou beetlejuice je pense.
  10. RuzannaLisa (ルザナ リサ) | 5 mins ago
    I can sing and dance to Mary Poppins~ OuO I know all the lyrics and stuuuuuuff~~~ #ChildhoodMoments


  1. Jeremy | 03 Jun 2009 @ 21:47 #

    that’s cool! it reminds me of another video… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T5_0AGdFic

  2. Jon | 04 Jun 2009 @ 5:34 #

    “Scary Mary” is pretty cool too.

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