18 June 2009 @ 9:41Seven Nation Army

I recently discovered a cover of “Seven Nation Army” by The Oak Ridge Boys and was quite impressed. “Seven Nation Army” was written and performed by Jack White of The White Stripes. The song reached #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks for three weeks and won 2004′s Grammy Award for Best Rock Song. It’s no wonder that other bands have performed this song themselves. I was surprised though that The Oak Ridge Boys from the other end of the musical spectrum had a cover of “Seven Nation Army”.

For those of you who don’t know who The Oak Ridge Boys are, here is the Wikipedia introduction:

The Oak Ridge Boys are a country and gospel group that is based in the United States. The group was founded in 1945 as the Oak Ridge Quartet. They became popular during the 1950s. Their name was changed to the Oak Ridge Boys in the early 1960s, and they remained a gospel-oriented group until the mid 1970s, when they changed their image and concentrated more on country and pop music. The band’s current lineup consists of lead singer and second tenor Duane Allen, baritone William Lee Golden, tenor Joe Bonsall, and bass Richard Sterban. #

So, I got to thinking, what would it sound like if The Oak Ridge Boys and The White Stripes performed “Seven Nation Army” together? That would rock! Here is my remix of the two groups playing together. Don’t be too hard on it, because I’ve never tried to mix two songs like this before, and the slight variations in tempo and timing made it a bit tricky.

Buy “Seven Nation Army” by The Oak Ridge Boys:
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Buy “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes:
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The White Stripes and The Oak Ridge Boys

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