19 June 2009 @ 12:52Zombieland – trailer

Here is the trailer for Zombieland.

Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) has made a habit of running from what scares him. Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) doesn’t have fears. If he did, he’d kick their ever-living ass. In a world overrun by zombies, these two are perfectly evolved survivors. But now, they’re about to stare down the most terrifying prospect of all: each other.

Director: Ruben Fleischer
Cast: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin
Release date: October 2, 2009

Click here to watch the trailer


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Twitter chatter:

  1. LouieJoyce_ (Louie Joyce) | 2 mins ago
    RT @GBrown1995: Zombieland is quality
  2. me__disguised (Little Monster) | 2 mins ago
    Zombieland Motherfuckers!!
  3. GBrown1995 (Douglas) | 3 mins ago
    Zombieland is quality
  4. Palanakie73 (Phrankie León ) | 3 mins ago
    Woody harrelson being in hunger games the movie is what got me in the doors in the first place
  5. FinalFarce (Lindsey Turner) | 3 mins ago
    @daft_moron Same here. I was thinking... the cast wouldn't have been so flawless if it had been a show. I love Woody Harrelson so damn much.
  6. Aideen_7 (Aideen O Sullivan) | 4 mins ago
    @AnnaODwyer2 have you seen zombieland. its really good
  7. BiGDaDiHadz (Hadley Brauns) | 7 mins ago
    I'll make a handsome "Walking Dead", "Zombieland" zombie!!! http://t.co/4bS8Ssn7
  8. richardboven (Rick Boven) | 10 mins ago
    "Woody Harrelson is an old person's Owen Wilson." - my dear @sarahpierpont #wisdom
  9. daft_moron (PrinceJoseTheThird) | 11 mins ago
    TIL Zombieland was intended to be a TV show but couldn't receive the right funding.
  10. Oceaane_Tavares (Nagini ) | 11 mins ago
    J'look "Bienvenue à Zombieland "


  1. jeremy | 19 Jun 2009 @ 13:06 #

    looks like fun!


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