29 June 2009 @ 12:45What Happens In the Holodeck, Stays In the Holodeck – shirt

I always wanted to “experiment” with the Holodeck from Star Trek: The Next Generation. You simply tell the computer what scenario you want to participate in, and it creates for you a near-perfect representation of reality (or what you want to be reality wink, wink). That is why this shirt reads “What Happens In the Holodeck, Stays In the Holodeck”.

Be sure not to disable the safety protocols. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.


What Happens In the Holodeck, Stays In the Holodeck - shirt

[via Shirtoid]

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Twitter chatter:

  1. AmSpec (American Spectator) | 1 min ago
    Deep Space Nine, Twenty Years Later: Twenty years ago today, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiered. It was the se... http://t.co/CHmT4Zkm
  2. Orlandimus (Orlandimus Prime) | 1 min ago
    RT @SuperHeroHype: J.J. Abrams Screens Star Trek Into Darkness for Dying Fan http://t.co/axXUkRXP
  3. reneguz (René A. Guzman) | 1 min ago
    Class act: JJ Abrams screens Star Trek Into Darkness for terminally ill fan. http://t.co/HdsFBG0b
  4. HS1099 (gary honda) | 1 min ago
    RT @redeader: 'Star Trek' Director J.J. Abrams Grants Trekkie's Dying Wish To Watch Upcoming Sequel http://t.co/E9cXYYVX via @HuffingtonPost
  5. Whovian_Sarah (Sarah) | 1 min ago
    I want to see Star Trek Into Darkness so bad!
  6. Hbriangarcia (Brian Garcia) | 1 min ago
    Jj just gave a screening of star trek to a dying fan :) fuckin sweet
  7. cleg (Paul Dmitryev) | 1 min ago
    Как «Star Trek: Into Darkness» стал у нас «возмездием»? Достали эти сверхмозги
  8. opyram (mary pokorski) | 1 min ago
    On our way to the hospital and my mom is making me listen to a news story/interview about star trek -___- #trekkie
  9. Executive_Emily (Emily Carmichael) | 1 min ago
    I happen to be a closet trekkie. Ok, maybe not in the closet anymore. I also play the online game! On Star Trek Online I am Reign@Olivia211.
  10. MLBswank (Michael Swank) | 2 mins ago
    Celebrate 20 years of Star Trek DS9 with this T http://t.co/GH89UrSe @GeekShirtsHQ @TrekContinues @ohtheprofanity @daytonward @TrekTrivia

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