30 June 2009 @ 9:31Flux – shirt

Here’s an awesome Back to the Future t-shirt featuring the flux capacitor on the front and 1.21 jigowatts and 88 on the back. If my calculations are correct, once this shirt reaches 88mph, it will travel through time.
“Great Scott!”



Flux (back)

[via Shirtoid]

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  1. DanielHarris (Daniel Harris) | 2 mins ago
    Favourite Kevin Prince-Boateng Wikipedia fact: He has a pair of the 2015 Nike Mag, that is featured in the film Back to the Future Part II.
  2. thegonz1 (Gonzalo Arias) | 2 mins ago
    "I have to lead my life according to what I believe is right, in my heart."-Dr. Emmett L. Brown, Back To The Future: Part 3 (1990)
  3. ObsessedPodcast (Obsessed Podcast) | 2 mins ago
    "I never half-ass a slap." -A quote about the morality of punching from our Back to the Future special! Enjoy! iTunes: http://t.co/gO9JNIiU
  4. Marty_McFly_4 (Benedict McBride) | 2 mins ago
    Wish I had more friends like my Hairdresser, could talk to him for hours on end
  5. BenFlynn9 (Ben Flynn) | 3 mins ago
    @JamFly10 @louie_t_ @YoungDeelo19 @BigM_Shaw @BreezyJ98 @JakeWestUK @JakeHandbury @_CJMarsh And for the second time, fuck Marty Mcfly
  6. Marty_McFly_4 (Benedict McBride) | 3 mins ago
    @_shelby_x Yeah I do too, might go for egg and chips!:D
  7. JamFly10 (jamie flynn ) | 4 mins ago
    @louie_t_ @youngdeelo19 @benflynn9 @bigm_shaw @breezyj98 @jakewestuk @jakehandbury @_cjmarsh and for the first time, fuck Marty mcfly
  8. ObsessedPodcast (Obsessed Podcast) | 6 mins ago
    "Sequels? Where we're going we don't need a plan for the sequels!" The Back to the Future special is up! Non-iTunes: http://t.co/aiJwUGfY
  9. doombunny (Jen Rich) | 7 mins ago
    I think my geek brain just overloaded RT @LaughingSquid: Blink To The Future, Doctor Who Meets Back to the Future http://t.co/ACIPToKq
  10. WinesByRaz (Mariam Raz Razavi) | 8 mins ago
    RT @NycciNellis: RT @amytraverso Further proof that cider is making a comeback, from an excellent new online food mag, @AmerFoodRoots ht ...


  1. generikb | 21 Jul 2009 @ 14:39 #

    I love all the Back to the future movies!!! Those guys should do back to the future contest to add another cool t-shirt to their site: http://www.shirtfight.com

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