16 July 2009 @ 17:57Unlocked iPhone 3G S for sale

Want an iPhone 3G S, but don’t want your service from AT&T? You do have some options. Unlock it yourself, or buy an iPhone 3G S already unlocked. YesAsia is currently selling both the 16GB and 32GB models for US$969.99 and US$1,129.99 respectively. The price doesn’t include a warranty, but you have the option to add a 1-year warranty. Yes, they’ll ship to the US also.

Note: these Unlocked iPhones are not supported by Apple.

Note: since the original posting of this article, unlocked iPhone 3G S have also been spotted at Buy.com for $889.99 and $988.68.

Buy.com | YesAsia

iPhone 3G S

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  1. Jeremy | 16 Jul 2009 @ 22:50 #

    At that price, I’ll pick up ten of them!

  2. whitney | 14 Sep 2009 @ 10:34 #

    who would buy it at that price unless you are desperate….

  3. Dominique | 13 Dec 2009 @ 20:05 #

    my friend, these other two people are absolutely right! i found your unlocked iphone on google && i’ve also found many other unlocked iphones on goodle 4 WWAAAAYYYYY less….you might want to consider coming down on your price!

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