29 July 2009 @ 15:48Whiteout – trailer

Here is the thetrical trailer for Whiteout.

U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko tracks a killer in Antarctica, as the sun is about to set for six months.

Director: Dominic Sena
Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Gabriel Macht, Alex O’Loughlin, Columbus Short, Tom Skerritt
Release date: September 11, 2009

Click here to watch the trailer


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Twitter chatter:

  1. davidtadtaylor (David Taylor) | 8 mins ago
    total recall #decent kate beckinsale #perfection
  2. JuffyAndaya (Juffy Andaya) | 8 mins ago
  3. Detti_Bunasz (✨❄Periwinkle❄✨) | 10 mins ago
    OMG, Alex O'Loughlin's voice is sooo cute and hot** #FANGIRLING
  4. thebestyear (Daniel Brown) | 16 mins ago
    Watched Total Recall on flight back to México. Kate Beckinsale, that is all.
  5. daang_danet (Dane`t Anderson) | 16 mins ago
    Gabriel Macht ** I'm in love ❤❤
  6. angellayerr (angel(:) | 16 mins ago
    RT @llamallamaduck_: "@angellayerr: if you're from australia, you're automatically attractive.." ie. alex o'loughlin.
  7. iAM_Willing_ (Willie Will Chapman) | 17 mins ago
    My Wifey lookin beautiful as always. Kate Beckinsale, so beautiful. #Celeb #Crush ♥•ˆ-ˆ•)/♥ http://t.co/2gdSJtxQ
  8. MVXVW (MAX) | 20 mins ago
    Just saw Kate Beckinsale in Waterstones Chiswick
  9. emiliestumpf (Emilie Stumpf ) | 35 mins ago
    @KurtStumpf1 lol all in fun babe, tell me if Kate Beckinsale said the same what would you do?? lol
  10. G4Webbhead (G4Webbhead) | 49 mins ago
    I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/9Bws5CcH TTM Autographs - 1/2/2013: Tom Skerritt, Jason Frank and a Leg Lamp


  1. Jeremy | 31 Jul 2009 @ 0:08 #

    some of those scenes reminded me of The Thing

  2. Jon | 31 Jul 2009 @ 6:00 #

    That’s a good point. I hadn’t thought of comparing Whiteout to John Carpenter’s The Thing.

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