25 August 2009 @ 7:01Inception – trailer

Here is the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s latest sci-fi action film — Inception.

Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Release Date: July 16, 2010

Click here to watch the trailer


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Twitter chatter:

  1. cahbangsal (Fatih) | 2 mins ago
    RT @XL123 Ide mengenai pembuatan Man of Steel berasal dari Christopher Nolan (sutradara The Dark Knight Rises) #MovieXploration
  2. lrsfyy (Lars) | 2 mins ago
    2 'wanna be' figures directors: christopher nolan and lee unkrich, and 1 greatest man and I called him 'daddy'.
  3. Sheriff_Caleb (Caleb Wood) | 9 mins ago
    #top3directors 3. Quitin Tarantino 2. Christopher Nolan/Steven Speilberg 1. George Lucas
  4. Azzzzzzzzo (Azz.) | 13 mins ago
    "@Dunnnnx: @Azzzzzzzzo the prestige g, so sickk" you know my g directed by the one and only Christopher Nolan
  5. em_katy (The Narcissist) | 14 mins ago
    No other director has amazed me as much as him. Sir Christopher Nolan. Take a bow man. His movies simply mesmerize me.
  6. tarynoneill (Taryn O'Neill) | 17 mins ago
    Can't believe I didn't know about this (sold out) An Evening with Christopher Nolan - LACMA http://t.co/NlYrF7zx
  7. CutChristopher (Christopher Nolan) | 18 mins ago
    RT @8Clare: Batman is the best! _Christopher_ _Nolan_ you are a genius! I salute you!
  8. shitmanlove (Marïa X) | 19 mins ago
    wir wollen gleich alle drei christopher nolan batman filme gucken. insgesamt dauern die 7:20h. und ich bin jetzt schon müde. das wird was!
  9. 8Clare (Clare styles) | 20 mins ago
    Batman is the best! Christopher Nolan you are a genius! I salute you!
  10. MessrsBGmsW (MessrsBGmsW) | 25 mins ago
    Lesser known fact #329: Christopher Nolan's next project is going to be 'Mr. Ben'. Gerard Butler and Samuel L Jackson are set to star.

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