8 September 2010 @ 8:02iPod nano No Longer Supports Video Playback

The typical trend in technology is to add features and/or power (i.e. faster CPU, more RAM) and to keep or drop the price point of the unit. Well, with the intro of the new iPod nano, we see that unfortunately, one very important feature was dropped — video playback. I’m not entirely sure why. Another feature missing is the camera for video capture. Now I don’t know how many people recorded video with the previous generation iPod nano, but it is a nice feature to have.

Apple chose to go small with the new nano despite the fact that the subcompact shuffle is still offered. I can understand that with the new nano’s form factor, the camera had to be dropped. However, it would seem that video playback would still be possible, even on the smaller screen (1.54 inches diagonally vs. the previous gen’s 2.2 inches diagonally).

All this is to say that if you want video playback in Apple current lineup of iPods, you will have to opt for the $229 iPod touch. There are still some previous generation iPod nanos with camera and video playback available for $99.

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