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5 March 2009 @ 7:58Annie Leibovitz parodies Annie Leibovitz

The Pretty Young ThingsI love this photo of Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel by Annie Leibovitz. You can see Leibovitz’ original photo of Scarlett Johansson, Tom Ford, and Keira Knightley below. Vanity Fair has an entire series of photos dedicated to “Comedy’s New Legends”. Parody photo: Original photo: [source]
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Charlie Rose with Annie Leibovitz; Richard Avedon (November 26, 1999)
Mfc: Charlie Rose
Price: $24.95
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A look at two people who have changed the face of photography. First, photographer Annie Leibovitz discusses her new book of portraits titled Women, w [more info..]

Annie Leibovitz: American Music
Mfc: Random House
Price: $50.93
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The impulse to do AMERICAN MUSIC , writes famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, ???came from a desire to return to my original subject and look at

Annie Leibovitz at Work
Mfc: Random House
Brand: Rizzoli
Price: $26.40
Store:  Amazon
The celebrated photographer Annie Leibovitz, author of the New York Times bestselling book A Photographer's Life, provides the stories, and technical [more info..]

Mfc: PantheonRolling Stone Press
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Mfc: Random House Trade Paperbacks
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Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens
Mfc: Warner Home Video
Brand: Warner Brothers
Price: $14.99
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Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens traces the arc of Annie's photographic life, her aspirations to artistry and the trajectory of her career. The f [more info..]

Mfc: HarperCollins
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Annie Leibovitz: Celebrity Photographer [VHS]
Mfc: Home Vision Arts
Price: $19.93
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Annie Leibovitz is one of the highest paid and most uniquely talented photographers of our day. This captivating profile features her famous portrait [more info..]

Mfc: Jonathan Cape
Store:  Amazon
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