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2 June 2009 @ 9:06Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Blu-rayI picked up the double-feature set of Ghostbusters 1 & 2 the other day, knowing that I remember liking those movies. I sat down and watched the first with the family last night, and we all enjoyed it. It occurs to me that Ghostbusters is one of those movies that is just timeless. It’s as [...]
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Ghostbusters (Widescreen Edition)
Mfc: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Price: $8.49
Store:  Amazon
Parapsychologists with nuclear guns go into business ridding New York of poltergeists. Directed by Ivan Reitman. Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis wro

Hotel for Dogs (Full Screen Edition)
Mfc: Paramount
Brand: Paramount Pictures
Price: $7.79
Store:  Amazon
Hotel For Dogs is a funny, heartwarming and inspiring animal adventure that shows how far love and imagination can take you. When 16-year old, Andi ( [more info..]
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