9 July 2007 @ 9:42Thoughts on the iPhone

While I don’t have an iPhone for myself, I have had the chance to try a couple of them. My first response is, “Wow!” This phone works better than I expected. Scrolling through photos, browsing the web, playing music or videos, all works well. The screen is brilliant, easy to read.

I do have some reservations though. Since essentially the iPhone is a handheld computer, I would like to see more “computer” to go along with the “phone”. Okay, I know. Apple hasn’t marketed it as a computer, but nevertheless, it is something I am interested in. The Terminal and Applescript are both my friends. We hang out, have drinks, and watch movies together. I want to be able to use them in the iPhone as well. I want to be able to ssh into my desktop while I am on the road and start/stop apps, perform some remote video encoding on my desktop, etc. I also would like for the ability to sync Notes. Rumor is that Notes syncing will be coming in Mac OS 10.5. I want my desktop Mac to be a “hub” and the iPhone to be an extension of it.

Something else that bothers me is the lack of video output to a television. I rarely watch videos on the built-in screen of my iPod. I prefer to attach it to a tv to watch movies.

The iPhone is still a very cool gadget. There still exists the possibility that some of my complaints will be addressed in later revisions or updates. If that happens, and the iPhone is capable of doing everything that the iPod can (and more), then I may end up purchasing an iPhone for myself.

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