11 September 2007 @ 11:25Video-out Crippled on New iPods

I was in no hurry to upgrade my 5.5 Generation 30GB iPod. I’m in even less of a hurry now.

ars technica reports that the 3rd generation nanos and the 6th generation iPods (classic) no longer have video out integrated into the headphone mini-jack. The only way to get video out to a television is through the dock connector, but not just any dock connector. The dock connector must have an Apple authentication chip in order to work with the current generation of iPods.

The cables come in two flavors: Composite AV Cable and Component AV Cable. Note that these are also backwards compatible with older video-supporting iPods.

mb128_125.jpg mb129_125.jpg

Okay, so in conclusion, Video-out is still available on the new iPods, it just means that my composite cable that I am using with my 5.5G iPod will no longer work with the new iPods, and I would have to buy new cables from Apple. At first glance, the price seems a bit steep, but you will also find that the cables from Apple come with a USB AC power adapter. This will offset the price a bit, if you don’t already have this piece.

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