14 January 2008 @ 18:09MacBook Air Screenshot is Fake

The new macbookairblog.com site is saying that they managed to snag a screenshot of the new “MacBook Air”. Bull!

We had overheard the MacBook Air Spec “whispers” at macrumors and we wanted more detailed specs – so straight to the source we went and on a lark we typed in MacBook Air.


Having “been there done that” we quickly took a screenshot. SNAP. And good thinking too. All gone 23 minutes later.

First of all, Apple’s store never once mentions “customize your MacBook”, or “customize your iMac”, etc. That is the first clue that macbookairblog.com is full of crap.

Second, the font used in the “Customize your MacBook Air” is way too thin, compared to the font Apple uses on all their pages. Before you tell me that it is simply rendered differently in a different browser, Apple uses a graphic, not text. The “Customize your Mac” text will look the same in any browser.

See the picture below. Top is fake from macbookairblog.com. Bottom is a real screenshot from Apple’s own MacBook page.


Click here to see the screenshot that macbookairblog.com posted.

Valleywag is also refuting the specs listed on the screenshot.

Update: Now they have posted a screenshot of a ThinkSecret article about the “MacBook Air”. ThinkSecret won’t be posting about unreleased Apple products anymore due to the lawsuit by Apple.

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  1. PJ | 14 Jan 2008 @ 17:47 #

    yeah, i think it’s fake too.. they have a new post on their site which is definietly photoshopped!

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