8 March 2008 @ 14:44Ridiculously overpriced HDMI cables

HDMI CableAs you know, my wife bought me a Playstation 3 the other day. I knew that the one thing I would need to get it hooked up was a HDMI cable, so I figured we would have to stop by Circuit City on the way home to pick up the cable. I knew beforehand that their prices would be slightly high, but I had no idea exactly how high. I walked out of the store with a 4ft HDMI cable in my hand, and $60 less in my wallet. I didn’t even buy a “good” cable by Circuit City’s standards. The cable I bought should not have cost me more that $20.

Hindsight taught me that the next time I need such a cable, I will order it online. I have put together a page of reasonably priced HDMI cables from Amazon and Newegg. Click on the link below.

Reasonably Priced HDMI Cables

For you UK readers, here is a link to HDMI cables at Amazon.co.uk
Reasonably Priced HDMI Cables at Amazon.co.uk

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