3 April 2008 @ 19:00New cases for iMac and Macbook Air from Speck

Speck has released two new cases — one for the MacBook Air and one for the 20″ iMac aluminum. As you know, I have a clear Speck case on my MacBook, and it has really helped in keeping the exterior of it free from scratches.

The two-piece Speck Macbook Air case snaps onto both halves of the MacBook Air allowing full use of the computer without removing the case. All ports are still easily accessible with the case on. Available colors are clear, pink, and smoke. I think the smoke is the best looking of those three.

The one-piece Speck iMac case looks like it is meant more for visual effect than protection. The case snaps onto the front of the 20″ iMac and covers all the aluminum areas and leaves the screen and iSight camera uncovered.

Speck cases can be purchased at Amazon.com:
Speck Products MacBook Air See Thru Hard Case
Speck Products SeeThru Hard Plastic Case for iMac 20-Inch

Speck cases at Amazon.co.uk

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  1. Jeremy | 03 Apr 2008 @ 23:18 #

    yes, the iMac cover does seem merely cosmetic. Some type of carrying handle for the unit might make sense.

  2. Julio | 01 May 2008 @ 18:45 #

    Where, if possible, can I get the Speck see thru cover for an iMac 24″.

  3. Jon | 01 May 2008 @ 20:06 #

    Currently, Speck is only making cases for the current generation 20-inch iMac.

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