14 April 2008 @ 13:48OpenMac and Mac clones

A friend asked me today if I would consider purchasing a Mac clone, myself, or would I stick to Apple branded hardware instead. My answer was that if I am going to own a clone that is unsupported by Apple, I would much rather build my own, than buy one from a manufacturer who cannot guarantee that a software update wouldn’t break my OS.

This question stems from the latest news that a company called Psystar would be building and selling Mac clones with the following bit of warning:

Can I run updates on my OpenMac?

The answer is yes and no. No because there are some updates that are decidedly non-safe. Yes because most updates are not non-safe. It’s best to check on InsanelyMac for this information but when in doubt don’t update it. You may have to reinstall your OS X if it is a non-safe update.

Is installing the Mac OS on non-Apple hardware illegal? Not sure, but most likely no. Is installing the Mac OS on non-Apple hardware in violation of the Mac OS EULA? Yes. Would this violation stop me from trying it myself? Absolutely not. I would, however, be hesitant to buy from a manufacturer that is knowingly violating this EULA, and may not be around long to support the hardware that I bought from them.

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