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The genre of “Point & Shoot” camcorders is becoming more and more popular these days with everyone interested in making their own videos and sharing them with the world. One company is dominating the point & shoot camcorder right now, and that is Pure Digital with their different varieties and colors of their Flip Video Camcorder – Flip Video, Flip Ultra, and Flip Mino.

Back of Flip VideoThe Flip Video is pocket-sized and simple to use. There isn’t an abundance of buttons as with some camcorders. With the Flip, the user can concentrate on capturing the moment, rather than fumbling with settings. Right out of the box, the Flip is ready to record. The is no need to buy tape or memory cards, as the Flip has its own built-in storage. The 2GB model is capable of recording 60 minutes of 640×480 (VGA-quality) MPEG-4 video. The Flip has three buttons on the back — Play, Record, and Delete. Also on the back is a 1.5-inch LCD and speaker. On the side of the Flip is a swing out USB plug for conveniently connecting the Flip to a computer without the need to carry an additional cable. The only cable you might need is the included TV cable which allows you to connect and view video from the Flip on a TV.

The Flip also comes with software that allows to easily upload your videos to AOL Video and YouTube as well as other sites. Basically the Flip is designed to take the complexity out of shooting and sharing video.

Interested in getting a Flip of your own? Check out this page of Point & Shoot Camcorders.

Flip Video Ultra series

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