10 June 2008 @ 19:45iPhone in-home activation possible?

According to a Reuters article, iPhone users may still be able to buy the iPhone 3G, take it home, and activate it there.

There would be penalties for users who do not activate the iPhone in the first 30 days, AT&T said, in a move aimed at reducing the number of customers who buy an iPhone and tweak it so that they can use it on another network.

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  1. sykohpath | 12 Jun 2008 @ 8:11 #

    AT&T will give penalties? Isn’t the point of “unlocking” an iPhone to use it on ANOTHER network than AT&T?

    Reminds me of the whole activation thing with software. How hard are you going to make it for everyone in order to catch the “outlaws”?

  2. Jon | 12 Jun 2008 @ 8:25 #

    AT&T doesn’t want people taking the iPhone to other networks, because they are subsidizing the price of the iPhone.

    In my opinion, this “penalty” is somewhat expected. Vodafone Italia will sell contract-free iPhones for a premium equivalent to about $775.

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