25 June 2008 @ 8:34AddMovie Version 1.5.2 Released

New York – AddMovie is a utility for concatenating several files (images or movies) into one single movie, saving the output in any movie format supported by your installed QuickTime components. The joined movie can be a reference movie to save space, or self contained. If the output format of the joined movie file is .mov then you have the option of adding chapter titles to demarc the locations of the segments from which it was made.

You can also use AddMovie to batch convert a collection of movies to another format. Any format supported by QuickTime is available, choose from a popup menu in the Preferences window. AddMovie can also be used to extract movie audio tracks to files, splitting movies at arbitrary points into two separate movie files, setting movie poster frames and saving movie frames as images.

* Combine movies, optionally with chapters, saving in various movie formats.
* Batch export movies to various formats.
* Extract movie frames and save them as images.
* Split movies at arbitrary points using the integrated movie viewer.
* Set the poster frame of a movie.
* Extract movie audio tracks to AIFF format files.

Using AddMovie is very easy: drag files from the Finder into the main window, re-order by dragging and click the “Add Movies” button to combine them, or “Export Movies” to convert them to another movie format. You can also add items by dragging URLs from your web browser into the file list. AddMovie will download the URL, and if it is a valid file, such as a movie or picture, AddMovie will add it to the file list window Use the integrated movie viewer to play the movies in the file list.

AddMovie is a member of the Limit Point Software Utilities Bundle that consists of a wide array of small task oriented programs: movie and image processing, file management, batch email, web crawling, URL resource downloading, and much more. Register once and own all of them. Upgrades are always free, and new products are always included.

Limit Point Software Home Page
AddMovie Home Page
Direct AddMovie Download Link
Limit Point Software Utilities Home Page
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Limit Point Software has been avidly developing software for the Mac community since 1997. In order to improve the usefulness, simplicity and dependability of our products user feedback has always been highly welcome and encouraged. Our products cover a diverse range of applications. The internet applications include bulk emailing, HTML form processing, web crawling and document indexing and searching. The “Utilities” suite is a large collection of small programs for combining movies, processing images in batch, file property editing, downloading and converting YouTube files, and much, much more. Please support Mac development.

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