4 November 2008 @ 15:43Neil Young creates Linc Volt Technology

Music legend Neil Young has created a company called Linc Volt Technology to promote the consversion of existing gas-guzzling cars into energy efficient electric and natural gas cars.

Young already converted his 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV into an electric which is powered by an electric motor from UQM Technologies.

This is awesome news as nothing today rivals the stylings of the American automobiles from the ’50′s and ’60′s. While pushing around these 2-3 ton vehicles is still hardly “efficient” with an electric motor, it is definitely as step in the right direction.

Linc Volt Technology


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  1. jeremy | 06 Nov 2008 @ 9:05 #

    I’ve heard about Neil Young doing this before. It’s a great idea, but ideally the cars should be recreated using lighter materials. It would make for a nice retro-efficient trend!

    I imagine a Volkswagen Beetle being given this treatment. :)

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