24 February 2009 @ 23:09Connect Linksys WAP54G to Airport Extreme

When you have a wireless network and computers without wireless capabilities, one option is to use an Access Point in Client mode. The access point becomes a client to the main wireless access point (sometimes referred to as a wireless bridge).

Example: There is an existing wireless network in place in a warehouse. Across the warehouse there are several computers without wireless capability. The options are (1) install wireless cards in each computer, (2) pull a long ethernet wire across the warehouse to the computers, or (3) install one wireless access point and a hub to allow multiple wired computers to join the wireless network.

Access Point Client Setup

In my particular case, I needed to use a Linksys WAP54G to act as a client to an Airport Extreme Base Station. The WAP54G user guide has a note that says that in order for AP Client mode to work, both devices must be Linksys devices. Fortunately, that is not the case. Here are the steps I took to create the bridge:

1. Connect the WAP54G to a computer via ethernet.
2. Set the IP address of the computer to the range.
3. Browse to
4. Login to the WAP54G with the default username and password.
5. Click on AP Mode from the Linksys menu
6. Choose AP Client, and and click Site Survey.
7. Click on the radio button for the Airport Extreme.
8. Enter the wireless password for the Airport Extreme.
9. Save.
10. Now, back on the main Linksys page, click Save settings.
11. Verify that the MAC address on the AP Client window is blue. If it is red, there is no connection yet.
12. Go to the Network tab, and set the WAP54G to DCHP instead of Static IP and click save.
13. You will not be able to get into the AP from now via your browser.
14. Change your network config on the computer attached to the WAP54G to reflect the settings used on the Airport’s network.

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  1. cadjak | 16 Apr 2010 @ 9:25 #

    This info was exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks for putting it up.

    I have an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station (simultaneous dual band) router. I have been wanting to extend the signal into my living room (where it is weak). I bought a WAP54G and followed the steps you outlined here. I got to the point where the MAC address was seen as blue, saved the info and then disconnected the WAP54G from the ethernet on my computer. I cannot get the “link” light on the WAP to light up. “power” and “act” are lit. So, the wap still is not communicating with my router. I’d appreciate any tips you can give me at this point.

  2. Jon | 16 Apr 2010 @ 9:54 #


    I wish I knew what to suggest, but I no longer have this hardware to look at and troubleshoot.

    Did you save at each point as mentioned in steps 9 and 10?

  3. cadjak | 16 Apr 2010 @ 10:04 #

    Yes, I saved, and everything seemed to go as you said it should, except the outcome. In the words of Clyde Barrows to Bonnie Parker, “Ain’t life grand?”

    I suppose I can reset the WAP and go through the steps again.

  4. Chinarut | 13 Feb 2011 @ 14:48 #

    wow after issues getting a Fonera to work on dd-wrt, I inherited 2 of these suckers and this worked great – you’re awesome!

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