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19 October 2009 @ 8:36TRENDnet TEW-654TR 300Mbps Wireless N Travel Router

TRENDnet TEW-654TRHow many times have you arrived at a hotel and found that your room is just beyond the reach of the hotel’s wireless network? It’s happened to me quite a bit, and since the room tends to only have one ethernet jack, sharing with a second laptop becomes inconvenient. How about this solution? Plug the [...]
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24 February 2009 @ 23:09Connect Linksys WAP54G to Airport Extreme

Access Point Client SetupWhen you have a wireless network and computers without wireless capabilities, one option is to use an Access Point in Client mode. The access point becomes a client to the main wireless access point (sometimes referred to as a wireless bridge). Example: There is an existing wireless network in place in a warehouse. Across the [...]
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24 March 2008 @ 10:37Airport Express now shipping

The updated AirPort Express is shipping now for $99. AirPort Express 802.11n wireless with AirTunes NOW: $99 Visit our Refurbished Macs page for the latest deals.
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21 February 2008 @ 8:22Wireless network supported by balloons?

Do balloons sound like a feasible solution for the infrastructure of a wireless network? I don’t think so, but a company called Space Data is trying exactly that — sending up many transceiver-equipped balloons every day, in order to create a large-scale wireless network. While the balloons are cheap and disposable at $50 a pop, [...]
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Cisco TwinGig Converter Module
Mfc: Cisco
Price: $119.99
Store:  J&R
Price Reflects $8 Instant Rebate thru 01/31/13 ** Cisco TwinGig Converter Module. Cisco TwinGig Converter Module.

Mfc: 3Com
Store:  Amazon

Brother HL3045CN Digital Color Printer with Networking
Mfc: Brother
Price: $269.99
Store:  Office Max
Digital Color Printer with Networking. The HL-3045CN is a digital color printer that is ideal for home offices or small offices. It produces brilliant [more info..]

HP External USB Modem
Mfc: HP
Price: $39.99
Store:  HP
Easy to use: Just plug the modem into the USB port on your PC, then connect your phone line to the other end. .The modem is ideal for PC users who own [more info..]

Linksys SE1500 5-Port Fast Ethernet Switch
Mfc: Linksys
Price: $29.95
Store:  Apple Store
This compact Fast Ethernet switch conserves desktop space and is easy to use—no configuration required. Easily connect computers, printers, storage, g [more info..]

Linksys SE1500 5-Port Fast Ethernet Switch
Mfc: cisco
Price: $74.95
Store:  Apple Store
Upgrade your current Ethernet network to the power of Gigabit and improve your network performance. Get speeds up to ten times faster than Fast Ethern [more info..]

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router N600 Network Manager, EA2700
Mfc: Linksys
Price: $99.99
Store:  Office Max
Superior Dual-band Wireless optimized for video, music, and multi-player gaming. Ideal for active, on-line households and home theaters, advanced secu [more info..]

Power Networking: The Path to Job Search Success
Mfc: Success Associates
Price: $29.95
Store:  Amazon
Master networker, Eric Ross, presents his networking secrets in a clear straightforward manner that builds your confidence while helping you land a jo [more info..]

Netgear GS105 ProSafe 5 Port Gigabit Desktop Switch
Mfc: Netgear
Price: $45.99
Store:  J&R
Five 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports / Auto-Sensing, Full-Duplex Connections / PC or Mac (Rebate $10.00 off from 01/01/2013 to 03/31/2013) The GS105 P [more info..]

Gefen DVI Detective Plus
Mfc: Gefen
Price: $84.99
Store:  J&R
Price Reflects $3 Instant Rebate thru 01/31/13 ** Computers and HDTV video source devices can sometimes lose the EDID -- basically the electronic iden [more info..]

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