4 April 2009 @ 13:26I don’t Digg the DiggBar

If you haven’t yet come to the realization that Digg.com is only looking out for itself and not its users or the people who actually create the content that powers Digg, then you might want to read this excerpt from Search Engine Land about the DiggBar:

Sounds cool, especially because it puts tools for those who are really into Digg at the top of your page, such as the ability to read comments from Digg about your page (if it has been submitted there) or the ability to Digg the page you’re on.

The fun stops there. Like lin.cr, it does a 200 code. That means the page is actually on Digg itself — they’re making a page with the DiggBar and pulling in your content without permission into a frame. That’s not illegal, but it’s a tactic that died off years ago. It also means that if you use the Digg short URLs, none of the link credit passes to your page. It’s all kept with Digg.

There’s no need for you to give Digg all your link credit. If you want to shorten your URLs, use a service that does a 301 redirect.

Most URL shortening services perform a 301 redirect to the long URL and by doing so, the final URL/site gets the link credit. Honestly, I don’t think Digg needs more link cred, and definitely not with a shady tactic like this.

Read the full article about URL shorteners

Update: added some links to other articles opposed to the DiggBar.
How to Block the DiggBar | DaringFireball
JavaScript DiggBar Killer | Faruk Ateş
Why Engadget is blocking the DiggBar | Joshua Topolsky
DiggBar is a Howl of Desperation – Ted Dziuba

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