9 April 2009 @ 13:34Grandpa Cassette – shirt

“Back in my day we would record songs off the radio and then make a recording of the recording and give it to our friends, and we didn’t even have to worry about no R-I-something-or-other coming to twist our arm to make us pay up.” Those were the good ol’ days, weren’t they?


Grandpa Cassette - shirt

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  1. VD6 (Le monde Chez Vous!) | 1 min ago
    Pase nan STAFF MULTI-SERVICES ki nan PORTAIL LEOGANE #111 pou'w vin met Mizik ak Foto sou CARTE MEMOIRE - MP3 - MP4 - IPOD... Tel: 36712987
  2. JJSEGOVIIA (OVER AGAIN ) | 1 min ago
    Y entonces mi lap se volvió ipod gigante hahaha http://t.co/ytzW8EDV
  3. MrBadPaw1 (Renee Jolley) | 1 min ago
    @BarryKerr1 Already on my iPod! :-)
  4. Key_of_Air (Kierre) | 1 min ago
    A couple more days until i get my ipod :)
  5. robertasotto_ (roberta sotto) | 1 min ago
    iPod da Apple a partir de R$128,70 http://t.co/Ldca7Bbq
  6. kouonchuui (香園中尉) | 1 min ago
    【送料500円】【クレジットカード決済不可・代金引換不可】【最安】【ポイント 10倍 】 iPod classic 160GB 6.5th シルバー MC293J/A 19,029 円 【オルベショップ】 http://t.co/Zs4axDY2 C5385
  7. mizuho424 (瑞穂@cas) | 1 min ago
    モイ!iPod touchからツイキャスで配信中 - http://t.co/groAVVdJ
  8. TaylorsCurlss (أميرة ☥) | 1 min ago
    ive crossed a line today, i put both one direction and justin bieber on my ipod #whatshappenedtome
  9. emily_schultz4 (Emily Schultz) | 1 min ago
    @kiersten_euler my phone is dead.. Dm me or text my iPod
  10. iOnlyWantBiebs (Bięber's Whøre †) | 1 min ago
    Omg. There's new sofas where you plug in your iphone or ipod and it plays music from it. Inlove? Yupppp


  1. julls | 28 Sep 2009 @ 1:55 #

    cassettes rules.

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