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9 April 2009 @ 13:34Grandpa Cassette – shirt

Grandpa Cassette - shirt“Back in my day we would record songs off the radio and then make a recording of the recording and give it to our friends, and we didn’t even have to worry about no R-I-something-or-other coming to twist our arm to make us pay up.” Those were the good ol’ days, weren’t they? Buy: Threadless [...]
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TDK D-120 Normal Bias Audio Cassette Tape
Mfc: TDK Media
Brand: TDK
Price: $15.95
Store:  Amazon
Package of 2 / For use in all audio cassette tape recorders and players / Each tape holds up to 120 minutes of recorded material

Adapter Compatible with iPhone? 4 4th Version iPhone? 4S - AT&T, Sprint, Version 16GB 32GB 64GB Cassette Car Tape Deck
Mfc: eForCity
Price: $5.29
Store:  Newegg
1X Universal Car Audio Cassette Adapter, Black Now whether you are going down the block or cross-country, you will have plenty

Casio Tape Cassette for KL Label Makers
Mfc: Casio
Price: $29.77
Store:  WalMart
The Casio Tape Cassettes for KL Label Makers, 2pk, will allow you to always have tape on hand for all of your label making needs. Casio Tape Cassettes [more info..]

Mfc: Maxell
Price: $0.99
Store:  TigerDirect
CASSETTE, AUD, PRO, 1HR#102411 Standard Audio Cassette, Communicator Series, 60 Minutes

TDK T-160RVS3 VHS Cassette
Price: $6.99
Store:  The Nerds
2 Hour 2 Hour VHS Analog Videocassette Not Applicable T-160RVS3 T-160RVS3 VHS Cassette TDK TDK Electronics VHS www.tdk.com

Porelon 11412 Lift Off Tape Cassette, Clear Dry
Mfc: Porelon
Price: $6.29
Store:  Office Max
IBM Wheelwriter replacement lift off tape. Compatible typewriter lift off tape.||This product has been designed and manufactured to operate the origin [more info..]

Coby CX49 Portable Cassette Tape Player with AM/FM Radio
Mfc: Coby
Price: $9.99
Store:  J&R
Stereo Headphones / Belt Clip / Auto Stop at end of tape / Uses 2 AA Batteries (not included)

Maxell UR-60 Blank Audio Cassette Tape Package of 8
Mfc: Maxell
Price: $8.49
Store:  J&R
Package of eight Maxell UR-60 normal bias cassette tapes / Ideal for voice recordings / 60 Minute capacity per cassette tape Optimally designed for vo [more info..]

Porelon 11420 Lift Off Tape Cassette, Clear Dry
Mfc: Porelon
Price: $5.29
Store:  Office Max
Smith Corona H Series replacement lift off tape. Compatible typewriter lift off tape. This product has been designed and manufactured to operate the o [more info..]

Sony DVM60PRR MiniDV Cassette
Mfc: Sony
Price: $2.99
Store:  The Nerds
1 1 Hour 1 Hour MiniDV - SP 1.50 Hour 1.50 Hour MiniDV - LP DVM60PRR DVM60PRR MiniDV Cassette Digital Videocassette MiniDV MiniDV - Premium Grade Not [more info..]

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