27 April 2009 @ 14:21Honda Insight – Let It Shine

Watch this cool commercial for the Honda Insight. For an added bonus, watch it at Vimeo.

Click here to watch the commercial

Let It Shine

Click here to see how it was made

The Making of Let It Shine

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  1. IBMBAEdu (IBM BA Education) | 1 min ago
    Download the personal edition of Cognos Insight, create an application, enter content, win a new Honda Insight. - http://t.co/sGB5ZeLn
  2. sell_your_car (sell.autotrader.com) | 2 hours ago
    Jeannette D. is selling a 2010 Honda Insight in Fort Myers, FL with a Standard Ad.
  3. prinsauto (Prinsauto) | 5 hours ago
    Honda Insight 1.3 Elegance bj 2010 62.849km € 11.886,00 http://t.co/VZWvQihD #honda #cartweet
  4. andaberaya (andaberaya.com) | 7 hours ago
  5. wanjpun (shazwan bin khairudd) | 10 hours ago
    Everytime I drive by a honda insight and a prius, I say to myself "imma help pollute the earth while u sit in ur green mobile"
  6. NuraizahYong (NMZ) | 10 hours ago
    Bila nampak Honda Insight mesti teringat cabs at Barcelona
  7. VE_Cel (VoraciousEater_Cel) | 11 hours ago
    Honda Insight. Yun nalang XD
  8. CleanMPG (Wayne Gerdes) | 16 hours ago
    @Fuel_Phobic. You. Glad to see you are still kicking @$$ and taking names in the #Honda Insight :) ^WG
  9. aleneewhilbert (Dana Andina) | 18 hours ago
    I am thinking about getting a Honda Insight EX for a new car!
  10. IBMSPSS (IBM SPSS Software) | 19 hours ago
    WIN this 2013 Honda Insight from IBM's #AnalyticsZone! (http://t.co/oWdLty67) Learn more @ http://t.co/BObOPQSj #ibmanalytics

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