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3 December 2008 @ 9:53Portable Solar Chargers

Seeing the FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger at ThinkGeek spurred me to think of just how much sense a solar charger makes — a lot, actually. It’s one thing to carry around extra batteries or a battery “booster” for your portable electronic devices, but what happens when those run empty and there is no power outlet [...]
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Delkin Pop-up Shade Fits 2.0LCD Block Glare & Protect LCD Stick
Mfc: Delkin
Price: $7.99
Store:  Amazon

Brunton Portable Solar Panel Charger for Personal Electronic Devices
Price: $96.00
Store:  Newegg
Hybrid versatility has never been this portable and potent, delivering ample energy from a tiny size. Collects and stores power from vehicle, boat, co [more info..]

Griffin PowerBlock/ AC Charger for USB Devices (White)
Mfc: Griffin
Brand: Griffin Technology
Price: $9.98
Store:  Amazon
Power and charge almost any iPod from a wall outlet with the PowerBlock. Plug any iPod shuffle directly or use the included cable to connect supported [more info..]

Delkin Devices DD/ DUC BP511-US Dual Universal Charger Package with 2 Plates for Canon BP51
Mfc: Delkin
Price: $59.99
Store:  Amazon
Dual universal charger package with US plug, car adapter, and 2 Canon BP-511 charging plates
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