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28 December 2008 @ 19:43Is it checkmate?

chessI’m no chess expert, but I know enough to try to teach my wife how to play. So, we got to this point. It is now the black’s turn to move (the clear piece). My pieces are the white ones. If the clear king takes the white queen, it will be moving into check. Any [...]
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Mfc: Tai Seng
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Rosewood Old Russian Chess Pieces
Mfc: World Wise Imports
Brand: Checkmate
Price: $119.99
Store:  WalMart
Rosewood Old Russian Chess Pieces About WorldWise Imports: Specializing in retail and online merchants, Worldwise Import founder Cheryl Stern has asse [more info..]

FoxFury 920-310 Rook Checkmate LED Flashlight
Mfc: FoxFury
Price: $211.82
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600 torch lumen CREE tactical LED flashlight with white light for maximum illumination. Has a low and high mode along with a disorienting turbo strobe [more info..]

Checkmate Safety Glasses, Uncoated Clear Lens, Clear Frame
Price: $14.99
Store:  The Nerds
These sleek, comfortable curved safety glasses come with metal frames and clear anti-fog lens. The soft-gel nose piece provides extra comfort for long [more info..]

Mini Gadgets Checkmate Infidelity Test Kit
Mfc: Mini Gadgets
Price: $38.29
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It is not a pleasant thought that perhaps your spouse might be straying, but it is important that you know the truth. Every encounter leaves trace evi [more info..]

Dead Down Wind Checkmate Wind Checker
Mfc: Generic
Brand: Dead Down Wind
Price: $3.97
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Dead Down Wind's unscented wind checker helps maintain a scent-free environment. It's an essential tool for deer hunting, predator hunting or playing [more info..]

Prisoner: Checkmate [VHS]
Mfc: Mpi Home Video
Price: $1.29
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The Prisoner - Set 2: Checkmate/ The Chimes of Big Ben/ A, B and C/ The General (Bonus) [VHS]
Mfc: A&E Home Video
Price: $3.97
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Patrick McGoohan???s THE PRISONER has stood the test of time. A classic British TV series with elements of sci fi, mystery, comedy and high drama, t [more info..]

Checkmate Large Rosewood Taj Chessmen
Mfc: Checkmate
Price: $103.46
Store:  WalMart
Checkmate Large Rosewood Taj Chessmen MZU1051 Features: Chessmen Material: Rosewood and boxwood Double weighted and felted King weight 0.19 lbs

Checkmate 3035-WC14 14 in. Wood Checker Set
Mfc: Checkmate
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Store:  Newegg
Sheesham/Boxwood 1.25"" checkers, stackable: Walnut/Maple veneer inlaid Board. 1.5"" Square. Satisfaction ensured. Great fun item!. Offering the fines [more info..]

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