12 February 2008 @ 17:06EyeTV and exported video

EyeTV 3.0 had me frustrated, but I feel better now.

The problem — exported MPEG Program Streams had jittering/stuttering and audio sync issues. The EyeTV software had led me to believe that if I exported as MPEG Program Stream, the video would be exactly the same as captured (ie. unaltered). Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and any video that I exported from EyeTV 3.0 had these problems.

The solution — do not export to MPEG Program Stream. Instead, go to your EyeTV Archive folder in the Finder, right-click on the .eyetv recording that you want to use, click Show Package Contents, and copy that .mpg to another location. This file will not have the jittering/stuttering and audio sync issues.

Let us hope that Elgato fixes this bug soon, but until then, at least we have a solution.


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