22 February 2008 @ 11:07EyeTV 3 update available

This morning, EyeTV notified me that there is an update. Here is a link to the details – Update EyeTV 3. Bug fixes include:

An occasional hang when exporting to Apple TV and iPod formats has been resolved.

A problem when trying to activate tvtv service after upgrading from EyeTV 2 has been resolved.

EyeTV now returns to the main library when a shared archive is unmounted.

Closed Captions are no longer drawn over editing controls.

Fixed a problem where Wi-Fi Access was not working after launching EyeTV with the EyeTV Archive located on an external hard disk.

A problem where the EyeTV software activation code was not stored when running the Setup Assistant on Standard Accounts on Leopard has been resolved.

A problem creating Smart Playlists that contain the slash character “/” has been fixed.

Smart Guide filters are no longer case sensitive.

A problem playing back certain ISDB-T recordings has been fixed.

Wi-Fi Access: Shared recordings with long Episode info weren’t being displayed properly on iPod touch and iPhone.

A problem with the Editor keyboard shortcuts not working has been resolved.

When switching to Front Row 2 under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, EyeTV no longer exits full screen mode.

Smart Playlists now support searching by show content genre.

A problem where the timeline overlay showed the original length for edited and compacted recordings has been fixed.

A TitanTV error when installing the EyeTV 3 Upgrade over EyeTV 2.5.2 has been eliminated.

A crash when deleting a recording after making a clip has been fixed.

DVB-T reception in the VHF frequency band with DiBcom-based receivers such as EyeTV for DTT Stick and EyeTV Diversity has been improved.

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