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27 January 2010 @ 13:53The Apple iPad

Most everyone were expecting Apple to announce some sort of tablet device today, but still seeing it revealed, I think it is a lot cooler than we expected. The iPad is powered by Apple’s own custom silicon. It’s called the A4 and runs at 1GHz. 16, 32, or 64GB of flash storage. It’s got the [...]
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11 August 2008 @ 10:43Steve Jobs confirms the iPhone application kill switch

Nick Wingfield with The Wall Street Journal gets confirmation that a plan is in place for Apple to remotely kill certain iPhone / iPod touch applications if they are found to be malicious. Mr. Jobs confirmed such a capability exists, but argued that Apple needs it in case it inadvertently allows a malicious program — [...]
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4 August 2008 @ 7:31Nullriver’s app NetShare pulled from App Store again

Nullriver’s NetShare app, which allows users to use their iPhone’s cell ‘net connection with a laptop (also known as tethering), has once again been removed from the App Store. Last week, after about a day in the App Store directory, NetShare was removed without any notice from Apple. Then on August 1 it mysteriously reappeared [...]
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29 February 2008 @ 9:10Trism – a tilt and touch game for the iPhone

Apple StoreTrism is a new game for the iPhone and iPod touch by Steve Demeter. It looks to be one of the better game implementations of of both touch and tilt. Check out the video demo below. There is also an interview with the developer over at GameSetWatch.
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Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Making App Store Apps Without Objective-C or Cocoa
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Learning iOS Programming: From Xcode to App Store
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Appillionaires: Secrets from Developers Who Struck It Rich on the App Store
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The Art of the App Store: The Business of Apple Development
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A unique behind-the-scenes look at what makes an application succeed in the App Store As the team leader for the second most popular iPhone g
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