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27 January 2010 @ 13:53The Apple iPad

Most everyone were expecting Apple to announce some sort of tablet device today, but still seeing it revealed, I think it is a lot cooler than we expected. The iPad is powered by Apple’s own custom silicon. It’s called the A4 and runs at 1GHz. 16, 32, or 64GB of flash storage. It’s got the [...]
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Viewsonic Tablet PC Case
Price: $9.99
Store:  The Nerds
1"" 11"" Handgrips for easy holding and for outer protection ViewSonic Tablet PC - View Pad 1100 Black Carrying Case Front Loading MW-GRIP-001 Rubber [more info..]

IBM 2 Button Optmouse Wheel Black USB
Mfc: IBM
Price: $20.91
Store:  Amazon
DETAILS: Enjoy the precision and accuracy of optical technology. This mouse eliminates the mechanical ball and need for a mousepad, while the integrat [more info..]

Genius G-Pen 560, USB 4.5 x 6 tablet with cordless pen.
Mfc: KYE Systems GENIUS
Brand: Genius
Price: $45.20
Store:  Amazon

HP Lithium Ion Tablet PC Battery
Mfc: HP
Price: $162.99
Store:  The Nerds
1 Year 1.24 lb 10.60"" Height x 0.70"" Width x 7.50"" Depth 11.45 Hour 46 Wh 6 Hewlett Packard Tablet PCs: Compaq 2710p EliteBook 2730p Stay mobile an [more info..]

ASUS R1F-A2 Tablet PC
Price: $1,322.90
Store:  The Nerds
0 1 1.40"" 1.66 GHz 110 V AC 12.50"" 1280 x 800 13.3"" 160 GB 16:10 2 2 GB 2 MB 2 Year Limited 220 V AC 3 4.20 lb 5400 6-cell 667 MHz 9.10"" 90NGAA113 [more info..]

Lenovo 41U3142 Tablet Sleeve for X60 Tablet Notebook
Mfc: Lenovo
Price: $29.98
Store:  Amazon
The sleeve case is a perfect match for your new X60 Tablet notebook. The glove-like fit of the sleeve case not only protects your tablet from scratche [more info..]

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet Tether
Mfc: Lenovo
Price: $9.95
Store:  Amazon
Don't lose your digitizer pen when you're on the go. The tablet tether keeps your digitizer pen connected to your X200 or X60 series tablet notebook. [more info..]

Adesso CyberPad Graphics Tablet
Price: $139.99
Store:  The Nerds
0.50"" Height x 9.90"" Width x 13"" Depth 1.50 lb 1024 lpi 11"" x 8.50"" CyberPad 2-in-1 Digital Notepad Graphics Tablet Digital Ink Pad Digital Ink P [more info..]

Hanvon Graphicpal 0605 Graphics Tablet
Price: $86.99
Store:  The Nerds
1.76 lb 11.06"" Width x 9.53"" Length x 0.53"" Height 2540 lpi 4-pin Type A USB 512 Pen Level 6"" x 5"" 605 Pentium III 1GHz or above 256MB of RAM 200 [more info..]

HP USB Optical Travel Mouse
Mfc: Hewlett Packard
Brand: HP
Price: $17.60
Store:  Amazon
The Optical USB Travel mouse delivers the convenience fort and elegance of optical mouse operation in a miniature size - an ideal solution while on th [more info..]

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